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How Good Property Data Gets You Prime Time TV Coverage - the Benefits of Digital PR

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In this digital age, having a well-thought-out online marketing strategy is imperative for any business, and one of the most effective tools employed today by marketing agencies is Digital PR. The main gist is to acquire high-quality backlinks and social media mentions and to boost SEO efforts through networking with other industry professionals.

In order to be effective, your digital PR strategy should focus on getting your business featured in online media outlets, ranging from newspaper websites, niche blogs and other relevant channels. This will make sure your content reaches your target customers and also impacts your website’s search engine visibility and ranking. If you want to know how we approach and implement digital PR strategies, let’s zoom in on one of the projects we worked on with one of our clients, NYC-based online real estate marketplace PropertyClub.


PropertyClub is a New York City-based real estate platform founded in 2018, which lists apartments, condos, co-ops, penthouses, brownstones and houses for rent and for sale. The platform is innovative as it uses blockchain technology to reshape the way people market, search for, buy, rent or invest in real estate. Their goal is to create a global real estate portal that is free of third-party lead buyers and protect users’ privacy. 


We were dealing with a new portal that had no digital footprint and no owned data. Our main goal was to acquire high-quality backlinks in an efficient manner, while promoting our client’s brand in the digital realm. Creating unique, original and insightful real estate content that gets picked up by relevant industry publications can be quite challenging. Without a good, reliable data set, a good and valid interpretation of this data, and a unique angle or take on it, most efforts end up in vain. We sought to do just that: create original, useful content, post it on the PropertyClub blog, and promote it on all the relevant channels. The content posted on the blog previously reached only dedicated readers or followers, without being shared with media outlets or social media channels.


We looked at popular topics covered by high players in our client’s niche, examined potential reliable public data sources and acquired contact information for the right people to pitch it too. One of the ideas we came up with was to do a story on the 100 most expensive NYC zip codes in the first half of 2019, a joint effort by our analysts, copywriters and PR specialists. We spared no effort in acquiring reliable data as we combed through all residential sales closed between January and June 2019 and using NYC’s official building classification. The end result was then pitched to real estate & business journalists from all the relevant major publications in NYC.


Big reach achieved

Story pitched to hundreds of journalists and industry professionals

Prime time exposure

The story got TV coverage on the news on NBC New York

High-profile coverage

Pick-ups from multiple major publications, including NBC, MSN, Brick Underground, and Patch

our digital pr story on nbc news
One of our followers managed to snap a photo of our story on NBC News

Why approach it like this?

By putting in the time and hard work, we managed to create something truly interesting, not just for our client’s target audience, but for the average news reader as well. Apart from the brand exposure and SEO value that we got from the backlinks, one of the biggest wins is that we established a connection based on quality data and trust with the publications that picked the story up, thus opening the door for future collaboration – and our client couldn’t be happier.

Is it worth it?

Digital PR should be a key component of any business’ online marketing strategy, because the results, when everything is executed correctly, outweigh the effort by far. This was just one of the story ideas that we came up with and that was successful in boosting PropertyClub’s backlink profile. It’s important to not rest on your laurels and keep churning out great content that shows you’re in it for the long run. 

If you like the way we tackle our Digital PR projects, feel free to drop us a line, get in touch, and let’s markethink the best way to get great results for your business.

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