Weekly News Roundup: New Courses & Features for Content Creators, Algorithm Changes for Advertisers

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Last week was a busy one. A lot of new updates rolled out for some of the largest social media platforms. We rounded up the most important news pieces and updates from last week to keep you up to date with trending developments. Check them out.

Google announces new, free online digital training sessions

Google recently announced new training and education courses. These sessions are a part of Google’s Grow with Google program. The series of online sessions are designed specifically to meet increased need during the crisis and will provide valuable insight on how to improve website performance.

They’ll offer digital skills training, interviews with career experts and programming from partners, including Merit America and the National Congress of American Indians. Several topics will include “How to manage your business remotely in times of uncertainty” or “How to improve your resume with four practical strategies.”

Head over to Social Media Today to read more about the courses.

YouTube launches new features for video creators

Content creators on YouTube are getting access to new features that will allow them to provide a better experience for viewers. The platform unveiled 4 new features designed to help creators enhance their videos and moderate their channel.

YouTube is allowing creators to see when their audience is online, hold inappropriate comments for review, schedule community posts and a new video chapters feature.

Some are available now, while others are rolling out over the next few weeks. Read more about this at Search Engine Journal.

Facebook introduces new brand safety controls for advertisers

Facebook has announced a new set of brand safety controls, which will give brands more control over their ad placements across Facebook’s various ad streams.

According to the social media giant, advertisers will now be able to designate which third-party publisher apps to run ads on, partners will be able to dynamically review and customize suitable videos for in-stream campaigns, and advertisers will have the choice to opt-out of in-stream ads tests in live streams from vetted partners.

Read more about this at Facebook.

LinkedIn now factors ‘dwell time’ into its algorithm

First of all, what is dwell time? LinkedIn’s engineers determined, through a series of tests, that dwell time is a reliable indicator of whether a user is likely to engage with a post or not.

The platform is updating the algorithm used to rank content in its feed by factoring in the amount of time users spend on each post.

Read more about this update over at LinkedIn.

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